Alberta Road Trip for Mother's Day

Last week and early this week found me in Edmonton and a quick stop in Calgary on Monday. It's perfect timing that the Butterdome Spring show is around Mother's day for two reasons:

1. people keep that in mind when they're looking at all of the beautiful handmade things that are at the show 

I discovered the amazing Jecek Chocolates while I was in Edmonton. I guess they've been around for awhile, but it was the first time I saw them at the show. You can find their beautiful and tasty chocolates in several locations so be sure to check out their website link.  I also ordered a tea pot from Laura of the amazing White Owl Ceramic Studio. You can find her this weekend in Calgary at the New Craft Coalition. 

2. My Mom flies out from Edmonton for a week long visit and then we road trip back to Edmonton together. That drive is so much better than just a quick call on a Sunday afternoon.

My Mom and Dad loved long road trips. One of my earliest memories is purchasing a car in Ontario and driving it back to Edmonton. They drove to Florida and back. Every two years it would be driving around Germany to visit friends and family. The land our house is on was purchased in the 70's so you can imagine how many times they drove to the Okanagan over the years. Sadly, my Dad passed away shortly after we moved to BC and that was also the end of my Mom's road trip holidays. She mentioned that to me and we came up with idea of her flying out and then keeping me company back on one of my many drives to Edmonton. This was year three and I hope to keep up the tradition for as long as we can. We get the time to talk about so many things; try to solve the worlds problems, catch up on friends and family and just have a good laugh or two. 

Wishing you the best Mother's Day weekend and a happy May!


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