“This is not where I’m supposed to be”

That thought suddenly came to me while I was counting fruit flies in a University bio lab. My heart was a creative one even if my mind was geared for the sciences. I didn’t know where that would take me as I began my journey into the department of Art and Design, but that twisting path has lead me here - playing in metal and creating jewelry.

I was always drawing and crafting things as I grew up. Our home was filled with mid century wood furniture that my father made. That aesthetic of clean lines, quality material and function live deep in my heart and guide my design philosophy to this day.

I’ve been fortunate to have meet some wonderful teachers and mentors along this creative journey. Through them I have been able to turn what was once a hobby into a life long passion and career. I worked under the mentorship of goldsmith Wayne Mackenzie in Edmonton and studied jewelry making at Art Studio Fuji in Florence Italy. In 2009 I moved to Kelowna BC and worked out of the Rotary Centre for the Arts until 2014. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working next to the Okanagan Lake in my home based jewelry studio. I’m inspired every day by the natural beauty of this place I call home.