The West Coast

Yellowpoint Lodge on Vancouver Island

Yellowpoint Lodge on Vancouver Island

A strong breeze carrying a familiar salty scent. The sound of a Blue Heron fishing in the early morning light. The gentle lapping of water on sand stone. Every year I'm drawn back to this very special spot on Vancouver Island- Yellowpoint Lodge. Over the past 18 years I have spent time here re-connecting with friends, re-connecting with myself. I'm lucky enough to live by a large body of water but there is something about the ocean that draws us all to it's side.

Walking along the water's edge is always a delight. I'm surrounded by textured and colour and my creative side jumps for joy.

I've had a beautiful piece of textured metal sitting on my workbench for almost a year waiting for me to start cutting and filing. It is the shell of a sea urchin with it's lines, ridges and bumps that feel like brail under the finger. I've been pondering and touching, but now it's time to cut and shape.

Once again the ocean has sparked creative energy in me which I will bring to my lakeside studio and then to you.