Garden love and my morning ritual


I'm fortunate enough to have my dream home and studio built on a piece of land that my parents purchase in the 70's. I spent many hot summers sleeping in a trailer on the hill and dreaming about the future here. Once the house project was complete, we were surrounded by dirt and debt. You think you'll have money left to do the 'small' projects- It also turns out that landscaping is not a small project, but one that costs a surprising amount of money. My husband and I spent one year with the dirt and dust, then I cracked open some library books, discovered the Okanagan Xeriscape association and the five year project started.

This summer is year four for the garden. Things are filling in beautifully and I feel a real sense of pride when I'm surrounded by blossoms and bees buzzing in the sun. Since I've started working from home I have time in the morning to keep on top of weeding and watering. That always seemed to be a chore I had to squeeze in when I was rushing into town to get into the studio. Now I can putz around with my cup of coffee and still get into the studio by 8:30. 

The best thing has been how the garden has inspired me. My yucca blossoms have been the jumping off point for a new earring design this summer. My color combinations feel like flower arrangements. I have a leaf inspired ring I'm working on too. I love how one hobby can fuel creativity in another area of life. Gardening also reminds me that nature is truly the greatest creative inspiration of all.

My backyard

My backyard