Spring sunshine

Spring is the new fall. I haven't gone to school in decades but I have the same excitement in my bones that September used to bring when March rolls around. I must not be the only person that feels this way. Nature clearly is excited about the warmer weather and longer days. Here in the Okanagan valley the daffodils and tulips are up and it won't be long before we see cherry blossoms. 

I seem to take action in my work and personal life in the spring. Fall is too busy with craft shows to do much other than dog paddle to stay afloat. Spring gives me the time and energy to turn my winter dreams into reality. I am loving the Passion planner. Has anyone else out there used it? I still don't have the bound version but have been printing off the pdf file they've provided and getting along just fine with it. I am looking forward to reviewing Marie Forloe's course again with all the new students out in the virtual world. If you want to meet some amazing people that are changing the world, I strongly suggest heading to her site and watching some of the videos. 

I've dusted off my camera and will be adding photos of new designs to my site. As I add them I'll be posting them in the new heading on the shop on line page. There is also the gems that I brought back from Tucson. I will be adding some new colors to some staple designs as well. Lots to do so good thing the days are getting longer. Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead this weekend!

Janet SteinComment