Karen's Ring

Karen's ring

Karen talked to me at a show in Calgary and had a pretty good idea of the ring she was looking for. From looking at my website she knew I have a love for textures so came prepared with a great photo with a very interesting texture- it was the close up of a dog nose!  Now that  is a cool texture. I used my Nelly dog as a model (she LOVES getting her picture taken) then turned it into a black and white image on the computer. The ring was CAD drawn then printed in wax. From there it was cast in 14k yellow gold, cleaned up, and a tube setting was soldered in. I set a nice deep blue sapphire before the final polish. Karen had wanted small diamonds scattered across the band but I wanted to hold off on that. I like the texture so much I thought the diamonds might take away from it or maybe not even be noticed. I can always add those later if Karen decides she needs some sparkle! 

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