Home with Rainbow Dreams


Two days in Tucson went by in a blur of color. Anne and I flew down to Phoenix and spent a few days visiting and resting then headed to the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) show. We shopped there then headed across the street to the GJX show. A quick flip through the heavy catalogue produced makes you realize how MANY shows are going on at the same time in the city. I touch on four of the over 40 shows. WOW. For all of you reading this that see me at craft shows, imagine 40 craft shows in one city over a two week period. Enough said.

I've developed a relationship with several of the vendors over the years. It's always nice to touch base with a familiar face and a trusted gem dealer. Having Anne there was a great help too- fresh eyes always notice things that I tend to overlook. She was amazed at the amount of high end gemstones and also the international aspect of the event. While we were having lunch, a Brazilian gem dealer is sitting across from us while two customers from Asia are looking over thousand dollar emeralds. Yup, just another day in the jewelry biz!

Janet SteinComment