De-cluttering and sparking joy

I'm sure some of you know about the cleaning phenomenon from Japan, Marie Kondo, and her approach to cleaning, sorting and organizing. Now I have to admit that I have yet to read the book, but I have been rather obsessed with Youtube videos of people and their adventures with the process. The idea is if something no longer "sparks joy" it's time to say good bye and send it off in the hopes it sparks for someone else. Sounds simple, but as you move from clothing that looks bad on you to old love letters from your earlier life, things get a bit more challenging.

I haven't been bold enough to dump all of my clothing out and go through it in one go (or toss out old letters), but I have started doing smaller things, like drawers and little containers in my studio. I was pleasantly surprised to find some projects that I did in Florence, Italy the summer of 2002. I designed a simple pendant inspired by the game of X's and O's for a stone inlay project, wore it a bit, then tossed it into a box and forgot about it. Until now! I thought since Valentine's day was coming up, it would be fun to remake it in the hopes that this piece would "Spark Joy".  

Who knows? It may even end up being given with a love letter or card that will be kept for a very long time too. 

Janet SteinComment