Moon Dancing

Just a small sample of my gemstone collection…

Just a small sample of my gemstone collection…

The start of the year is always full of promise. Promises we make to our health, our future, our dreams…. but it’s always the struggle on how to keep that momentum and good intentions flowing as the year continues. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t started the year strong only to stray on a dark February night, hand deep in a bag of potato chips (or drawn to that ‘wrong’ thing you promised yourself you wouldn’t do).

I can’t ignore it anymore- I’ve had a restlessness surrounding my business that I can’t shake. I’ve followed the same schedule of craft shows for over 25 years, dealt with the annual ebb and flow of feast and famine. The New Year seemed like a good place to start and make a promise. I WILL DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY THIS YEAR. The big question has been HOW to change. And then WHAT will that change look like?

How this will unfold is not clear to me. I have a lot of trouble with this notion! To gain some insight at the start of this year I went to a New Moon celebration at my local yoga studio. It involved a wonderful group of women, tea, an alter, oracle cards, journalling, meditation and some yin yoga. The card I picked when I entered the room was “Moon Dancing” from the Wild Woman Enchanted oracle cards . I immediately knew what this was for because I draw the moon card frequently when I pick up my Tarot deck. The difference was this one reframed the whole ‘Moon’ experience. Instead of being scared that the path was not fully lit by sunlight, I was encouraged to dance in the moon beams and celebrate the discovery of my new path. All of a sudden, this feels more like an adventure than a scary journey with no end goal. This is a concept I feel much more comfortable with!

I need to honour some of the amazing stones that have been collecting dust in my studio for years and turn them into jewelry that will be loved. I need to break out of my old routine. I’m not fooling myself to think that I won’t be reaching for that “bag of potato chips” when the lights are out... I just need to remind myself that this journey is an adventure and keep dancing on some moon beams. There will be some stumbles and bumped shins in the dark, but I’m going to keep going, feel the music, and go with the flow. AND create some beautiful jewelry! I hope you enjoy following along on my adventures in creativity this year. Stay tuned!

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