Test Patterns


January and February are months that I am creating new pieces and trying to refine them to add to my production line. I keep my eyes sharp and my sketch pad close.

There's nothing that pleases me more than a repeated pattern. The images above are taken from in and around my house, so you can see how I am drawn to this type of visual. A lot of my jewelry designs start out this way- I create a piece and then duplicate it, spin it, fit it and add it to other pieces to create the whole. I feel that the original piece needs to be strong enough to stand on it's own, but can be interesting when repeated. Simplicity is beautiful as well and I have to stop myself from getting too 'busy' with my work sometimes. When that happens I strip it back to the basic form and start again. 

I hope to show you what my visual journey has produced by the end of February. Hopefully not too much has been added to the tin of scrap on my bench this year!


Janet SteinComment