Harvey's ring

Harvey came to me with a project that I had to do some experimenting with before I would commit. His dad was a hobby gold miner and Harvey inherited several ounces of unrefined gold from him along with a beautiful ruby. He really wanted to use that metal in a custom ring. The first ingot I made from the rough material was so full of impurities that is just crumbled when I hit it with a hammer. FYI gold should not do that! I added some sterling silver to the mix and came up with an alloy that let me work with it without it crumbling away with each file stroke. He was a gliding instructor so we came up with a design that was ionspired by the glider he flew. The call letters on the wings are his initials and his grand-daughters. She will be inheriting the ring from her grandfathers made with gold her great-grandfather mined. That is a wonderful family keepsake!