Ed's brooch

Ed has been a long time client and one of the best. He usually drops by and has an idea of what he wants made and what color stone to use, and other than that, he just lets me go and create. For this project he was more specific- he had six rubies that he purchased and wanted to use and he e-mailed me a sketch for a brooch. Then he sent me five images of his inspiration- I had no idea that he was an artist! There was one image he had collaged/drawn of a vortex like image and I was immediately drawn to and I used that one for my inspiration. To get the 'nest' like feel I carved it in wax. That was the best way to create the rugged lines and 3D form. I then cast it in sterling silver. The six beautiful rubies are flush set in the cogs and really sparkle. I love it when I get to work with nice stones!