Tucson day!

Here is a shot of just some of the things I purchase while we were down there. It was a quick one- we left Phoenix at 7:30am and hit the front door of the AGTA (American Gem and Trade Association) show just after 9am. With the help of my BFF Heather, we were able to go to three venues that featured about 1500 exhibitors. I had a very comprehensive list of things to purchase so with her eagle eye and my quick decision making, it was an easy day! I have to look back and remember my first year at the gem show- my mouth was open most of the time and I took most of the day to even make my first purchase. Not anymore! There are still things that make my mouth drop open though. I saw a pariaba tourmaline that was the size of a walnut and was such a bright blue/green that it seemed impossible to be true. One day I will have one of my own- much smaller though I'm sure!