Tucson Gem Show

2010 Tucson Gem Show was a whirlwind. I had only one day to get my shopping done - there is no way I could have done that several years ago! There are so many shows to see that it takes a couple of years to get the hang of it. The Gem Show covers three weeks and over 15 shows, all at different venues over Tucson. Some are in large convention centres and hotel ballrooms, while others are in large football field sized tents filled with booth after booth of gems and pearls. I just register for the large AGTA show (American Gem Trade Association) and that badge pretty well gets you into all of the other shows.

I spent the day with my best friend Heather who, along with my shopping list, kept me on track! (Heather was the official photographer of the day too) It is far too easy to get distracted, and in the end, spend too much money. I was looking for strands of semi-precious stones, cabachon cut gems, and also some faceted stones. I found some really interesting new cuts of beads that I am excited to play with. I always find some interesting things that I have no idea of what I'm going to do with, but just can't resist buying anyway! This year it seemed to be anything that was pink. I bought some beautiful bright pink tourmaline that will make fabulous earrings and matching pendant. Keep an eye out for them!